Modern marketing, automation and lead nurturing

Things are changing… Well, they’ve been changing for ever, of course. But now, they’ve REALLY changed. The last 24 months have seen a genuinely seismic shift in the way that businesses connect with their current, and prospective customers using the internet. Businesses have gradually moved away from reliance on ATL (above-the-line, or mass-market) advertising, and we’re now…
at800 Motion Graphics

at800 Motion Graphics

As you’ll see in the earlier post, we’ve recently launched the third version of the Let’s Be Clear at 800 website. At the same time, the Door4 media team created a new edit of the motion graphic piece, which has helped to clarify the nature of the issue to the UK consumer. For more on…

Excluding from Analytics

If you pay attention to your referrals, in Google Analytics, you may notice a strangely prominent referral.  One which doesn’t mean much to you. is a spammy SEO keyword tool (in our humble opinion) which serves little purpose, other than to generate false ‘seemingly human’ visits to your website. Therefore this website actually disturbs your…
Website security

Cybercrime and hacking. The 101.

It’s estimated, according to a Prolific North article published today, that cybercrime costs the UK economy £107m per year. Personally, I think this may be an underestimate, but it’s not really my place to make a better guess! This article is intended to be a straightforward guide for the website owner with minimal technical knowledge….
LEAD Forensics

Do you know who’s visiting your website?

For B2B businesses, knowing which companies are visiting your website is a huge boost to the sales process. Now, Door4 can offer your business the opportunity to harness the power of LEAD Forensics, which gives you that information.  LEAD Forensics are the market leading visitor profiling platform, with the largest IP database of enterprises and SMEs. Would it…