Door4 Showbiz Staff – Shameless

Door4 Showbiz Staff

James G joins ‘Shameless’ and manages not to lower the tone…

In the latest in what is likely to be an extremely brief series, our lead designer James Glenny has followed the lead of our rockstar tech guru Steve Dixon, with his own unique bid for stardom beyond the walls of Door4 towers.

The sharpest of sharp-eyed viewers would’ve (possibly) spotted him and more eye-catchingly, his ridiculously bright trainers, in the bar of the Jockey – fictional watering hole of Channel 4’s Shameless.

During a lovely June afternoon last year, in which he and his fellow thesp mate Derek met the cast, crew and ‘Mrs Doyle from Father Ted’, James managed to sit in the corner of the bar and say nothing, nailing it in just seventeen takes or so.

Door4 Showbiz Staff

The blue and yellow smudge to the left of the shopping bags is his trainer apparently, while in the first picture you can see the man himself on the far left over Karl’s shoulder, blurrily lost in the role like a fluorescent-footed Marlon Brando.

Get your autograph requests in now, before he heads off to Hollywood to supplant Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond.

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